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In my 15+ years of working with some of North America's wealthiest real estate investors- I noticed a trend: they invest in what they control: Business & Commercial Properties.
This book discusses the framework I developed as both an Investor, Developer, Syndicator and Lender in the world of Commercial Real Estate and Capital Raising. 
It is for both Active (you find the properties) and Passive (you invest in other people who find the deals).  These are the secrets to investing in commercial properties that few outsiders are privy to.
Here's a few things we cover in the book:
  • Where to find the right commercial properties fast... even if you're completely new to the world of commercial real estate
  • What locations you should be investing in and where to stay away
  • How to raise money like the successful commercial real estate syndicators. I've only seen 1 other investor teach this style of raising capital.
  • Why you don't need millions to be able to invest in Commercial Real Estate. This is not about 'no money down' gimmicks. But has everything to do with Controlling a property vs. Owning it.
  • Why the wealthiest families in North America have upwards of 25% or more of their net worth invested in cash flowing commercial real estate.
  • The 3 specific types of commercial real estate properties you should be focused on today and where I'm seeing the smartest investors put their money today (in 2020)
  • How to purchase your first commercial property (the right one) in 120 days or less.
  • Learn the #1 Strategy to investing in commercial real estate to build a multi-million dollar portfolio in a few years.
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About Shane
Shane Melanson is the Managing Partner at The Investing AdvantageĀ® Company and author of, Club Syndication, How the Wealthy Raise Capital and Invest in Commercial Real Estate, and his 2nd book, Evolve.
Since 2003 Shane has helped his clients buy and sell more than $260M in Real Estate, and has personally invested more than $70M in his real estate ventures. His career started in commercial financing with Sun Life Financial, where he was part of a team that lent several hundred million in commercial debt annually. His clients were some of the largest and most successful real estate investors in Canada and the US.
Today, Shane continues to develop and invests in value add commercial real estate projects. He also consults with high earning professionals and business owners looking to replace their income - either on their own, or passively) in commercial properties.
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