The Club Syndicate
Become a more Informed Real Estate Investor and Scale Up Your Portfolio. In 8 Weeks.
We are a group of investors who want to take control over where our money is invested.
Acquiring well Located, Cash Flowing, Commercial Properties.

The Club Syndication Program™ is an 8-week remote program for Canadian real estate investors who want to learn how to invest in private Commercial Real Estate Properties.  The 8-Week curriculum combines modern real estate investing frameworks, market analysis, and a community of peers to help and support you on your financial goals.

Everything you need to gain a holistic understanding of the commercial real estate investment process

Design a simple real estate investing plan to replace your earned income.  Leveraging the investment frameworks, property analysis, due diligence checklists, negotiating strategies, offer templates and capital raising pitch decks.

Let's walk through Dan's First Property...
1. The Plan
Find 1 Commercial Property that could replace 6 figures/year in earned income.
Focus- Newer Property, great location, minimal effort.
  • Less than 2 hours/week
  • Large Enough to pay multiple 5 figures/month
  • Cash Flow from Day 1 
Dan was busy and didn't want to do a value add deal.  He wanted a property that he could purchase, and one day pass on to his girls.
* Some numbers are rounded and modified for privacy and client confidentially 
2. The Deal

The Property: 6,500 Sq.ft Commercial Property, built in past 3 years.  

Shadow Anchored.

  • Purchase Price ~ $4.8M
  • Monthly Cash Flow (before debt) ~ $25,000/month
  • Going in Cap Rate ~ 6.25%
  • Cash Flow After Debt: $6,500/month 
  • Principle Pay Down: $7,500/month (equity growth)
*This assumes no appreciation and just rental steps/bumps. A rental bump are predetermined rental increases already agreed to in the leases.
3. Strategy: Cash Flow

Legacy Asset: Core property in a sought after location.

If Dan does nothing, with existing 'rental bumps' - leases have built in lease rates that increase over time:

  • Cash Flow: $78,000/year and  Increases in year 3 (~5%) 
  • Mortgage Pay down: $85,000/year
  • When Mortgage is Paid Off: $300,000/year in free cash flow (assuming no market appreciation) 
* In year 1, not enough to retire, but double digit returns on his money.  As the mortgage is paid down and tenant leases increase, his returns increase.  
Dan's email to me - some of the private information has been blurred out for privacy
What is the Club Syndicate Program

8 Weeks. 12 Real Estate Investors 

Each week will be a live training and workshop.  From setting up your go-to-market investing strategy, to choosing the right location, asset class, we will explore the right investment strategy for you, based on your Knowledge, Time, Capital and Resources.
This is not a 1 Size Fits all Investing Program.  Markets change.  What worked 18 months ago in the GTA, may not be the right strategy today.   
Each call is recorded and available on our in-house education platform if you are unable to make a session. 

Investing in commercial real estate (CRE) is not easy, especially if you're trying to do this on your own.  The Club Syndication is kept small intentionally - so that you can get to know the other 11 members in your "Boat Crew".

When I trained with Navy Seal Commander, Mark Divine (in his Unbeatable Mind and then 20x crucible) there was 1 common theme: alone you will fail, together you succeed.

Investing in CRE is not a lone wolf sport.  No one has all the answers.  Finding great people and building a team takes time- but, this is what separates CRE investors from the masses.


During the 8 week program there will be opportunities to send your live deals for reviews.  One of the most valuable aspects of the Program is that you get a chance to Pitch your deal to me and the group (if you would like to).  

Get feedback from others who have no incentive to push you into a deal.  This unbiased guidance and feedback is rare, and what I have found most of my clients apprecaite the most.

Tell me the good, bad and ugly.  When your investing your hard earned money, you want the truth.  

Rule # 1. Invest In Large Enough Cash Flowing Properties

The Club Syndicate 8 Week Program™ 

Over the past 15 years, Shane has invested in Commercial & Multifamily Properties across Canada and the US.  He has helped clients transact more than $260,000,000.

Now, he's helping professionals, business owners and real estate investors invest with confidence in poorly understood world of commercial real estate.   So you can earn income without trading time and the time freedom to chose what's most important to you.  

What We Cover
  • Private access to a coach who has helped clients buy their first 7 figure commercial property with no prior experience.
  • Proven step-by-step training on how to find the right properties in the right location at the right time in the market.
  • The same tools, systems, templates that have taken me 15 years to refine (and what many of the biggest commercial real estate investors have in their business).  So you can conduct due diligence, negotiate properties, conduct financial analysis in minutes.
  • The Club Syndication model for raising capital.  Lack of capital is what typically holds real estate investors back from getting into larger commercial deals.  You'll get the same framework and systems I use to raise millions for my deals.
  • A clear, custom "Roadmap" - so you always know the best way to move forward on the right properties.
  • Not for beginners: You must meet the 5 criteria on this page.
How to Get Mentorship from Shane

This is not Zero Money Down or Get Rich Quick.  Investing in CRE requires patience and effort.

Taking 100% responsibility for your outcomes.  In my experience, it's why few investors ever scale into 7 and 8 figure properties.  They are sold a false promise - that investing in commercial or multifamily properties is easy and can be done by anyone.   

I take a different approach. 

I'm going to tell you upfront, I don't think investing in CRE is for everyone.  It's not something you can half ass and get results. 

The high barriers to entry are what make it so lucrative. 

The harder something , the less people will stay the course.

It's why when we meet a Navy Seal, or Olympic athlete, we respect them.  We know the sacrifices and mental toughness required to get there.

I'm not comparing a CRE Investor to a Navy Seal.  But, those who succeed, as Active Investors (finding deals) - are committed and when they have a deal, understand the work involved.  It's why, in my experience, CRE Investors have a different level of authority and respect than typical res investors


The program is designed specifically for Canadians who are either:

1) Active Real Estate Investors - (Finding Deals, Raising Capital)

You want to scale into 7 and 8 figure commercial properties.  You will do the work to find the right properties and raise the money (if required) to close.


2) Passive Investors - (you find the right People to invest with).

Your time is best spent making money and finding the right 'who's' to invest with.   You want to understand the Game of investing in CRE so you can invest with confidence.

This 8 week program is designed so that you can invest with confidence and clarity in Cash Flowing Commercial and Multifamily Properties. 

To give you Financial Security and Time Freedom. 

8 Weeks to Go Through The 5 Phases of CRE Investing
Phase 1: The PLAN: Discovery/Assessment 
What will you have when you're done?

On completion of Stage One you will have a clearly developed a custom Commercial Real Estate Investing Plan.
This plan will serve as your Investing Roadmap. Aligning your vision to the right type of properties, in the right locations.
  • Design your Plan based on where you're at and where you would like to be in the time you set out (Clarity)
  • Clarity on your Risk Profile - to dictate proper return expectations.
  • Non-Negotiables to Investing- clear values that allow you to avoid the Biggest and most common Investing Mistakes in commercial real estate
  • Your 1 Page Commercial Real Estate Roadmap.  Everything on 1 page - so you have a clear focus on the properties in a specific location with returns that meet your goals.

Finish Line: You have successfully completed Stage One, The Plan when you complete your One Page 7 Figure Commercial Real Estate Investing Roadmap.

This will serve as your custom roadmap to compliment (in the short term) and eventually replace your single source of income.

Result: You have clarity on what your real estate investing will do for you.  Most real estate investors I work with have never taken the time to get complete clarity on their goals.  This process is key to establishing yourself as a credible commercial real estate investor.  

- You have a clear vision for why you're investing.
- You will have the confidence to act decisively and stay focused on the right properties that will align with your vision.

Timeframe 1 week.

Phase 2: PROPERTY Selection 
What will you have when you're done?

In Stage Two we take The Plan you created and apply it to finding the right deals.

You will understand what I call "The Game of Commercial Real Estate".

On completion of Phase Two you will have:
  • SafeLine to Investing: You'll be a strategic investor with confidence in:
  • Understand Market Timing - you will know how to evaluate where your specific market is based on market trends. CRE moves in cycles and it's important to understand where you are so you apply the right strategy to your market.
  • You will know how to Find and Underwrite deals. Using my worksheets and proprietary spreadsheets to complete financial analysis on commercial properties (in 5 minutes)- including my personal excel files to underwrite deals.
  • My 10 Step Checklist to investing in commercial properties.
  • Access to my Worksheets to find the right properties in the right locations (and which properties to stay away from)
  • Scripts and training on how to find Off Market Deals.
  • My 30 Page Due Diligence checklist compiled from working with some of the biggest commercial developers and brokers in the US and Canada.
  • My 2 Page Negotiation Checklist - so you can speak the language of Commercial real estate.  There is an opportunity for role plays.
  • You will have a Playbook for adding value and finding the team to help you execute.
  • Clear on your Exit Strategy. I train you to figure out upfront, who your buyer is when you decide to sell. This is critical- because you want to fix and position the property so it's suited for the right buyer.

Why that's important: it is critical you understand the foundational rules of the game to properly prepare yourself to strategically interact with the player: Commercial Brokers, lenders, lawyers, and property managers.

Even if you plan to invest passively in CRE, understanding how investors structure their deals is important. You want to have clarity on the potential deal structures so you understand the risks upfront.

Most investors new to commercial real estate, find out quickly there's a big difference between CRE and residential.

When you understand the rules of the game, how to interact with the players and analyze properties- you'll be more in control of the deal. Actively managing risk vs. reacting to those only too eager to take advantage of uninformed, neophyte investors.

Finish Line: You are ready to make offers on your first Commercial Property, one that fits your Investment Plan.

Result: You have confidence on what to look for as you begin touring deals. 

Timeframe 3 weeks.

Phase 3: The MONEY (Debt Financing and Raising Equity)
What will you have when you're done?

In Stage Three you'll learn how to secure the Capital required to close.

Commercial Debt and , if you are planning to raise capital, you'll have access to my 7-Figure Capital Raising Framework.

On completion of Phase Three you will have:
  • Provide you the same tools I use to raise capital. The exact PowerPoint Presentation I used for my last 3 Pitch Decks, each raising $2.1M, $2.7M and $6.5M).
  • Sample Capital Raising Legal agreements- **You still require a lawyer and accountant- but you'll have access to the same capital raising agreements to use as templates. I've paid as much as 15k for a LP/GP agreement. So, you can streamline the process.
  • How to structure your pitch and present to investors
  • What to say to investors when you email, call or meet them
  • My Capital Raising Flywheel Framework™ to market yourself and attract capital in the digital world we live in.
  • Who to target, and how to approach Accredited Investors and how to continue to communicate.
  • How to market and position yourself as a credible and trusted authority worth investing in. Building trust starts early.
  • Access to my 30 Day Capital Raising Plan. When I start talking to partners. What I send. Where I meet. It's the same framework and step by step model to use. From finding to raising money to executing.
  • I'll help you refine your presentation and how you communicate your deals to investors. So you have confidence and your investors feel privileged to be part of it (without using old sales tactics).
  • What to send the lenders and how to ensure you're getting the best debt on terms that make sense to you
  • How to work with a Commercial Mortgage Broker - one who has your best interest in mind.

Why that's important: Investing in Commercial Real Estate and Raising Money comes down to confidence.

Confidence comes from Competence.

Finish Line: You are ready to present and talk to lenders and people with money who could invest in your deals..

Result: You have confidence to present a live or mock deal to investors.  You will have conversations with lenders who can finance your deal.

Timeframe 3 weeks.

What will you have when you're done?

On completion of Stage Four you're ready to make offers or invest with others who have deals that match your investing criteria.

You will have a 90 Day Action Plan to get into the game of CRE.

You have a proven step-by-step Commercial Real Estate Investing plan.

Why that's important: You understand the process.

What you'll quickly discover is that there are too many 'hats' to wear investing in commercial real estate. It's not your job to be an expert at all of them.

It is your job to manage and oversee the team you put in place. This is how the most successful investors buy properties.

They find the right people to help them and then drive the deal forward.

Because no two deals are the same, you will have the skillset to evaluate properties using the BOE (back of the envelope) in 5 minutes.
  • Provide you the same tools I use to Asset Manage and oversee my properties with a few hours a month.
  • How to create your Dream Team to protect you through the deal
  • The tools I use to automate and track progress.
  • The Systems I have in place to manage multiple 7 and 8 figure properties
  • The Strategies to add value, cut expenses and reposition properties to Optimize for maximum value
  • How to Plan your Exit (now) - so when it comes to selling you have done what you needed to attract the ideal buyer.

Finish Line: You are touring properties and ready to make offers. Or, you're meeting with prospective CRE investors who deal flow and evaluating who you want to invest your money with.

Result: You will have a 90 Day Action Plan for your next steps.

This program gives you the tools and skills to invest. You will take the plan you developed in week 1, apply the skills you learned in weeks 2-7 and put into practice. Congratulations, you are now a Player.

Timeframe 1 week 

Successful commercial real estate investors have is a strong foundation.  Which means they take the time to sharpen their skills.  To get around other like minded individuals who are on a similar path to generating passive income.
Part of the 8 Week Program, will include mindset and developing habits to be a successful CRE Investors.
This is not something that you learn 1 time and then you're done.  It's why there is an opportunity, if you would like to continue after the 8 Weeks, to join the The Club Syndicate Mastermind.
These are all investors who have completed the 8 week program.

Commercial Real Estate is about building relationships.  People have all the information and insights we need - so being around the right people is key. 

If you're an Active Investor- you're learning and educating others.  As market cycles change- you want to know what is going on.  I personally invest five figures a year subscribing to and investing in other coaching programs to star on top of the trends in commercial real estate (whcih I share with my clients).  

If you're a Passive Investor - you're bringing capital to the table and an outside perspective.

There is no set finish line to developing the mindset, grit and behaviors that drive a successful investment portfolio.

Markets change, which means what worked 12 months ago may be dated.

If you are a right fit and there is mutual agreement to join the Community of other Commercial Real Estate Investors, you can expect...
  • Provide you the same tools I use to Manage and oversee my properties with a few hours a month.
  • Access to my network of vetted professionals in the world of commercial real estate.
  • The Systems and Infrastructure I have in place to manage multiple 7 and 8 figure properties
  • Current Strategies to add value, cut expenses and reposition properties to Optimize for maximum value.  Markets change, so you need to flexible in your approach to investing.
  • How to Plan your Exit (now) - so when it comes to selling you have done what you needed to attract the ideal buyer.

Finish Line: 

The Club Syndicate Program gives you the tools, skills and community to invest with confidence.

You will take the plan developed in week 1, apply the skills you learned in weeks 2-8 and start investing in properties that will help you on your journey to financial security and time freedom.

Congratulations, you are now in the Game.

If you want to continue with us, there is an option to do that.  It is not required.

Timeframe ongoing... Mastery comes from practicing the right things you learned in weeks 1-8.

The 8 Week Commercial Real Estate Investing Roadmap
But first, you must qualify...
If I'm going to accept your money, I need to ensure you're going to get your desired result.  So, to be sure you're a good fit for the program:
Below are the 5 criteria you must meet to become a member of The Club Syndication Program
  • You must have a minimum of $100,000 to invest (most clients have a minimum of $250,000).  If you plan to be a Passive Investor, expect to meet the "Accredited Investor Threshold (defined by the SEC).  Commercial Real Estate, the way I teach it requires capital.  
  • You're DrivenYou take action and are self motivated (if you're earning the kind of income required above, this likely the case).
  • You Take Responsibility for your Investment and Actions.  No one is going to care about your money more than you.  This coaching and training is about empowering you to take back control over your investments.
  • You Play the Long Game - this is NOT about making money overnight.  Investing in Commercial Real Estate is Illiquid, meaning, your capital may be tied up for several years.
  • No Victims - this group is about helping others and contributing.  I'm very careful to only allow in positive people who are here to support others.
There are many programs that will accept anyone in and take their money.  I'm not interested in that.  

90% of my day is spent finding deals, raising money and executing on current projects.  As of this writing, I have 3 developments, 2 cash flowing properties and two - 8 figure deals I'm raising money for.  I share this with you to let you know, I'm in the game and doing this every day.
I enjoy helping new CRE investors and seeing them get their first property.  Because each group is small (max 12),  we are are a tight knit group with a common goal.  

I can say, each member who has come through The Club Syndicate Program, I would have over to my house, meet my kids and have a beer with. 
Life is too short to work with people who take energy.  
The Investment to Join the 8 Week Program: $2,500 CAD
The Foundation of Investing in Commercial Real Estate (Phases 1 through 4):

- 1. Includes Developing Your Plan,
- 2  Finding the Properties (and learning the Rules of the Game)
- 3. Securing the Capital Raise
- 4.  Implementation and Executing a Clear 90 Day Investing Action Plan.

The Outcome is simple: you'll have a road map, the skills and an action plan to invest - actively (on your own) or with others.

In my time as an investor, I've invested a good amount of money into coaching programs, trainings, CCIM, UBC courses.

I have taken many 4-8 week courses that teach 1 aspect of commercial real estate and have paid $1,500- $10,000.  

The Club Syndication Training Program was developed over the past 2 years, while working with clients who paid me 5 figures+.  

You will get Access to the Training Videos, Templates, Tools and Resources.  What has taken me 15 years to learn, assemble and master. 
This is a step by step process to becoming a confident commercial real estate investor.

The One Time Investment is $2,500 CAD.
I offer a 14 Day, Money back guarantee.  For 2 Reasons:
1. If for whatever reason you don't believe this training is right for you, just send me an email and I'll happily send your money back. 
2. I only work with people who are committed and are a good fit.   I also reserve the right to refund you if, I feel you're not the right fit.  
What Happens After the 8 Week Program?
Phase 5: Ongoing Support, Community & Accountability
Phase 5 is by invite only.  It for real estate investors who want Ongoing Support & Access to a Community of like minded real estate investors.

It is not required and only for Active Investors who want additional guidance and access to the community.   
I don't like when I join programs and they constantly upsell me into more expensive programs.  Look, this is what I offer (the 8 Week Program and the Ongoing Support). 
You don't need it.  But, I had enough clients ask to stay with me after the 8 weeks, so I listened and created this Mastermind.
It is Month to Month.  No contract and no commitment. 
The investment is $500/month.

We meet 2 times each month. 

1st Call: Ask Me Anything. The first call is where you can bring deals to me and we will analyze and underwrite.  I'll give you my thoughts on the properties and where the risks are.

 2nd Call: Training Call.  We will deep dive into Finding properties, Underwriting, raising capital, securing debt.  I'll bring in experts in the field of Commercial Real Estate to share their insights and what they see going on in the world of investing.

Why the Ongoing Mentoring
Having a community and group of like minded investors working towards a common goal is powerful.  Often, those who succeed and invest in multiple properties contribute the most and help the newer investors. 

Often resulting in partnerships and accountability to help each other.

8 Week Coachign Program Delivery
Phase 1-4:  The 8 Week Club Syndicate Program (One time fee of $2,500) is delivered:
1) Quick Start Call - In the first Week of the month we help you Clarify your Investing Roadmap.  You will have access to my proprietary Investment Assessment Form along with the 1 Page Commercial Real Estate Investing Blueprint Template.
Detail are sent upon receipt of Initial Payment
2)  There are 6 Group Coaching Calls
There are 6 calls, where we review deals and questions you have as you go through the material and exercises.
The coaching calls are with Shane Melanson and held on Thursday's at 4pm MTN. (I reserve the right to change the training days per my schedule and the collective group).
The calls are where you can bring your deals, pitch decks and get feedback from me personally.

Calls will be held via Zoom video conferencing and recorded for the Learning Center.
3) One Year Access to the Learning Center.

In additional to the weekly calls, you will have access to the Learning Center, which is a database of video trainings, tools, checklists, scripts, flow charts - everything I use to run my CRE Investing business.

You will have access to online training for 12 months.

4) Real-Time Feedback
Participants have access to Shane using email throughout the 8 Week Program.  
Not only will Shane and his team be able to answer your questions, but you'll be able to leverage help from other investors who may be further along in the program than you. Either way, you will have help at your fingertips when you need it.
5) OPTIONAL - Continued Training & Support After 12 Weeks
If you decide to join in the Mastermind Coaching Program after the 8 week coaching program, it is $500/month Cad. 
We meet 2x a month.  Details upon request.
Commercial Real Estate Consulting Q&A
Question: "Shane, why are you doing this? Why not just focus on doing your own commercial deals?"
Answer: There are 2 main reasons (other than helping students).
1.  Coaching makes me a better investor. The people I work with ask great questions. I keep my finger on the pulse across Can and the US.  I see deals and enter markets I might not have, had I not been coaching.
2. Coaching allows me to build new  and valuable relationships with investors.  In some cases, I have gone into deals with clients (rarely) but when you're invited into an 8 figure deals, 1/year, you don't need many.  
For this reason I'm very careful on who I let into the program. It's no for Get Rich Quick. This is about building long term wealth through tangible cash flowing assets.

Bonus: I do get paid - this isn't volunteer work!


Question: "Do I get to work with Shane personally- or do I get someone who Shane has trained?"

Answer: You get me. At this time, I'm the only person who is consulting clients. Which is why, I limit the number to 12 clients for each 8 week program.


Question: "What if I don't have millions to invest- how do I even get started investing in commercial properties?"

Answer: You don't need millions of your own money. I have one client who purchased a $180,000 commercial property and, once he leases up the property, will be worth (conservatively) $950,000 - $1,100,000.

Another client got into his first apartment building with $60,000.

Do these deals come along everyday? Depends on your market- but yes, in almost any market, you can find opportunities and not all commercial deals are millions.

If you want to scale into larger properties (my specialty) I'll show you how to leverage "Other People's Money" to invest.

For a reference point- you should have a minimum of $100,000 to start.

Question: "What if I'm just getting started- and I don't have any experience investing. Is anyone really going to invest with me?"

Answer: Most of my clients have never invested in real estate before. You don't need to have 5 single family houses under your belt to be successful in commercial real estate.

This is what Phase 1 of the coaching is all about. I show you how to Create your Plan, then understand the Rules of the Game, build your DREAM TEAM to add credibility to your deals.

When you work with me- there's an opportunity to leverage my connections (provided you follow my advice and specific requirements).  And, inside the community, there is great networking opportunities. 

Question: "I'm too busy to do this work- I just want to invest in commercial real estate with someone I can trust. Can't I just give you or someone like you money to invest?"

Answer: The short answer is Yes. You can just invest with someone like me- however, my goal is to have you fully aware of what you're investing in.

Most sophisticated and credible syndicators want sophisticated investors in their deals.

They don't want Dumb Money.


Because they don't want the burden of having hand-holding throughout an investment. A knowledgeable investor is a great investor.

Question: "Shane, I don't even know where to start to find deals- what do I do first?"

Answer: Investing in Value Add Commercial Real Estate is a Process - not an Event.

The first place to start is to clarify what you want? What do you want your investments to provide for you? No two investors are the same. Markets are different and timing is different.

Having a clear Plan is the first step.

Next, is going through the 12 week Playbook to investing in Commercial Real Estate Framework I use to find, finance and fix the properties. When you go through the Club Syndication Training, I walk you through that process and show you how to get started- step 1,2,3 etc.


Question: When is the next 8 Week Program Starting and is there room?

Answer: To join, please fill out the Application below.

After you fill out the application, we'll jump on a 15 minute call.

It's not a sales call.  You know what is included and what the investment is.  The call is to confirm alignment.

At the end of the call, if we both feel The Program is a good fit, I'll tell you the next date for the program.  

To reserve you spot, you just make the $2,500 CAD investment.  My assistant will send you the onboarding materials and pre-training.  The goal, is for you to hit the ground running before you start the 8 week program.

Spots on a first come - first serve basis. 

Joel Labonte
Tim Murphy
Proper Expectations:
The first commercial property is the hardest. It can take time. Commercial real estate isn't (for the most part) found online on the MLS.
Deals take longer and are harder to find. A good deal is far easier to raise money for than a fair deal.
Which is why it's important to spend the time to understand what investors are looking to invest in.
It's not uncommon for me to look for 3- 6 months to find the right property. It can happen faster, but patience is key (and a sense of urgency once we find the right property).
Returns- I sometimes hear new investors ask about 20%+ annualized returns. If we work together I'll tell you upfront, these are not realistic expectations. If you're able to do this in residential or other assets- I would encourage you to keep doing what you're doing.
Can you hit 20% returns?
Yes, in some cases. But, I don't want you coming into this with 20% returns on your first property.
With mortgage principal paydown and finding value add properties, hitting low double digit is possible.
But, 20% returns are generally in different stages of the market and require significant skills (development or distressed).
I would suggest, if you're looking in most major markets, once a property is stabilized, you will likely be looking at 8% cash on cash returns plus principal paydown.
This is not a hard and fast rule (because, there are not rules for what returns you get in CRE), but this is the target most of successful clients focus on.  
This 8 Week Program is Designed to give you the Skills and Confidence to Help You Raise Money and Purchase your First Commercial Property.
If it were easy, there would be more competition. The goal here is to give you actionable stuff that works in the real world.
I personally invest in 2-4 commercial properties a year.
Market conditions are constantly changing. Today, with COVID 19- people are afraid and uncertain. This generally means most investors are in a wait and see mindset.
There is no perfect time.  We are all busy.  Waiting for the market to go to a buyers market, means you'll likely miss it. 
In reality- you want to be in the market all the time.  It's the only way to know when the market is turning.  
If you would like to join the next 8 Week Program and want my help investing in commercial real estate, fill out the Good Fit Quiz below:
Next Steps
You know the investment in the program and what is included.
If you'd like to participate in the next Enrollment of the 8 Week Club Syndicate Program- please click the blue link below to fill out the Good Fit Quiz and then to book in a time to talk to Shane.
I'm also careful who is accepted into the program.  Which is why you can not sign up with out talking to me personally.   
I will only work with investors who I believe can get results in the program and who I will enjoy working with (the same criteria you likely have).
If you've read this far and would like to discuss details on the program, click the link below to schedule a 15 minute call with me.
It's not a sales call- you know the details of the program and what to expect.
The call is to clarify any questions you might have and for me to make sure I can help you achieve your goals.  
Last Step: Fill out the Good Fit Quiz and Request a Time to Talk to Shane