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Develop the Skills and Tools To Invest in Commercial Real Estate 

Deep dive into the Game of Investing in Commercial Real Estate. How to find the right properties. Raise Capital. Structure your deals with Investors.  Risk factors and more.

DIY Option: The Club Syndicate™ 8 Week Commercial Real Estate Investing Online Program. $1,500 CAD.
Done with You Option: Limited to 25 Investors. Ideal for investors with Active Deals.  
How to Invest in Value Add Cash Flowing Commercial Properties...
Why I created this masterclass and coaching program:
When I started in Commercial Real Estate in 2007, I didn't know what I didn't know.  I was fortunate to have my father-in-law (a 40 year CRE veteran) show me the way.
My approach to investing is not the only way.  It's a way.

I typically find off Markert value add commercial properties or development sites and raise money from a small group of high net worth investors. 
My Business Model as a CRE Syndicator:
I get paid a small amount upfront (Acquistion fee) a small fee for executing the project (asset management or development management fee) and the majority comes on the backend when we refinance or sell. 
The Masterclass gives you access to a live 8-week training I did with 8 Commercial Investors (from Canada and the US).  
You get the same tools and playbook I use to invest in CRE.
For some investors, who want more access, to ask questions and get feedback on life deals - I offer a mentoring/coaching program. 
It's limited to 25 people.  Because 90% of my time is focused on growing my commercial portfolio and construction company - I limit the number of people in the coaching program.
Joel's first multifamily property  - 17 Unit value add apartment complex.
Dan's first commercial property.  His email to me after closing is below...
What You Can Expect From the Masterclass
The Goal: Find the right commercial property that you can increase the value on it 12-24 months.
Why: To replace your earned income (FU#) in a predetermined time (24 - 60 months).

How: Identify commercial properties with problems (vacancy or under market rents).

Below is the process I use and have helped other real estate investors implement to start investing in commercial real estate.

I'm not implying or promising you will duplicate what Dan, Carleene, Peiter, Tim, Bob or Joel did. There are many factors that go into finding and closing on a great commercial property.

But, you can expect to get the same skills and tools I use to invest in cash flowing commercial real estate. So you can start investing in commercial real estate with confidence and clarity.

The Commercial Real Masterclass is Ideally Suited for
1. If you already earn good money and have a minimum of $100,000 (most people I help have $250,000+) and like the idea of owning hard assets.
2. You want more control over where your money is invested. 
3. You want to understand the types of properties you're investing in (even if you decide to invest in other peoples deals). 
4. You are busy, and not looking for a 2nd low paying job, managing 5, 10 or 20 single family properties. 
5. You want to Replace Your Earned Income with Predictable, Cash Flow, owning Assets that pay you each month.
Dan's Story of his first commercial property:
Dan was a successful Physician, working hard and earning 300,000+year income.
He was trading time for money and was looking for a place to invest that he had more control over.
He was afraid of having too much exposure to the stock market.
He had recently invested in his first rental property (an up-down duplex). When it was full, he earned $150/month, so long as it was full and the tenants were paying on time.
Needless to say he was frustrated and didn't know how to scale his high income into passive cash flow.

When I met with Dan and his wife, I asked them a series of questions to find out what they wanted?

Dan asked me point blank (paraphrasing):

"Shane, I want a safe place to invest my money so one day I no longer have to go into the office. I want to stop trading time for money. I'm tired of relying on my practice to put food on the table".
With a clear target (replace his $300,000/year income) and understanding he was a busy professional, we made a short list of the types of properties that made the most sense.

Step 1. The Plan - a clear investing blueprint.

Step 2. The Game of Commercial Real Estate.

Step 3. Take Action and find the right property for his unique situation.

I first helped educate Dan on the market and helped him understand his unique affluence afforded him an opportunity.

He didn't have to hustle around investing in rental properties paying him a few hundred dollars a month.

At that rate, he'd need 100 houses to replace his income.

I showed him that people of his financial affluence and status could leverage their wealth and access properties very few in the world could. How to take advantage of his high income instead of competing with the masses on rental houses.

For Dan, Stability and Predictability were most important.

He didn't have the time or expertise to do a heavy value add commercial property.

He was too busy and didn't want a 2nd job to oversee 100 single family homes earning him 1.5% return on his money.

Dan wanted to replace his income and put his girls through an elite college.

Rule # 1. Find a Property Big Enough
Four months after working with Dan and his wife, I helped him find and close on a $4,800,000 commercial property delivering exceptional 11%/year returns.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Dan had the equity to do this deal and didn't have partners on his first deal.
He could have closed on a smaller deal- but, he liked this property and decided to invest a good portion of his savings into it.
This one property now pays him $24,400/month.
Five tenants paying him $24,400/month plus all his bills; property taxes, insurance and covers a professional property manager.
The Numbers:

$17,000 (of the $24,400) pays his mortgage

$7,390 goes into his bank account every month.

Of note- his tenants pay down his mortgage about $6,750 every month. In the first year of owning this property, he will increase his equity in the property by $82,000 ($6,750 x 12 months). 

When the mortgage is paid off in 25 years: One commercial property will pay him more than $305,000/year in passive income requiring about 2 hours of work/month.
*This assumes no appreciation and just rental steps/bumps. A rental bump are predetermined rental increases already agreed to in the leases.


One investment goes a long way to getting Dan to retirement and paying his girl's college tuition.

Dan's on his way to doing this again with his second commercial property as of this writing.

This was the result of following the process and framework of finding the right commercial property in the right location at the right time.

Was it easy? Not really. It took some time to find the property. To secure the mortgage. To analyze the tenants.

But, looking back it was worth it.

Dan's email to me (some of private information has been blurred out for privacy)

Will this work for me?
Commercial real estate can be intimidating. Bigger numbers. Sophisticated sellers, lenders, tenants.
Where do you start? How do you actually do your first deal?
Find a well located commercial property with strong tenants big enough to afford a professional property manager.
Commercial Properties are not typically listed on the MLS.  The best properties rarely hit the market.
Investing in CRE is a relationship game.
The first thing we needed to do was establish Dan as a credible buyer (not hard to do when you understand what sellers and brokers are looking for).
Then, we built his team- commercial broker, lender, lawyer etc.
Within 4 months, he had his first commercial property.
That was Dan's plan.
I've had other clients who $6,000/month in passive income to cover thier living expenses
Design a new plan to fit their circumstances.
An investing strategy and plan specific to you, based on what you'd like to achieve, and where you're starting from today.
Some clients want to move faster and will use the 'Stair Step Method' (starting in smaller commercial properties), adding value, either selling or refinancing and moving into larger properties.
The problem for many professionals earning high incomes, is they realize that investing in traditional places, like the stock market or residential real estate requires a huge amount of time and is unlikely to generate substantial and predictable income to retire.
Financial Advice from people who specialize in helping average people invest isn't going to produce the wealth you're after.
There's a need to help average people invest.
But, you're far from average.
You earn a high income that affords you certain advantages and opens the door to opportunities in areas like commercial real estate.
The solution I commonly advise my highly affluent clients earning multiple 6-figure incomes is commercial real estate.
Here's why:
If you're earning more than $200,000/year you have a distinct advantage to creating substantial net worth.
If you have savings of more than $250,000 to invest then it's possible to get into commercial properties.
The commercial market is poorly understood by many, which allows for attractive risk adjusted returns.
Those that have the financial affluence, especially with the right advice in markets of imperfect data, have the ability to make unparalleled profits.
And because commercial real estate is large enough, one property, in the right location can replace a 6-figure income.
How to Get Mentorship from Shane?
In the past 12 years working in commercial real estate I've helped clients buy and sell more than $260M in properties.
Let me be clear - this is NOT a Zero Money Down or Get Rich Quick.
This requires patience and effort. Taking 100% responsibility for your outcomes. It's why few will ever commit and do the work necessary to invest in commercial deals.
The program is designed for:
Active Real Estate Investors - who want to scale into 7 and 8 figure commercial properties.
Passive Investors - you earn a significant income and want to invest in Income Producing properties. But, you don't have the time to find the deals. You want to have a basic understanding of what I call the Game of investing in CRE.
The Masterclass Details is Divided into 5 Phases
Phase 1: Invest In Your First Commercial Property
Stage 1. Discovery Selection
What will you have when you're done?
On completion of Stage 1 you will have a clearly developed custom Commercial Real Estate Investing Plan.
This will serve as your Investing Roadmap. Aligning your vision to the right type of properties, in the right locations.

Design your Plan based on where you're at and where you would like to be in the time you set out.

Clarity on your Risk Profile - to dictate return expectation.

Non-Negotiables to Investing- lessons on how to Avoid the Biggest Investing Mistakes

Select the Right Properties suited for you- right locations, right timing and right price.

Finish Line: You have successfully completed Stage One.  The Plan when you complete your One Page 7 Figure Commercial Real Estate Investing Roadmap.

This will serve as your custom roadmap to compliment (in the short term) and eventually replace your single source of income.
Prize: You have clarity on what your real estate investing will do for you.
You have a clear vision for why you're investing.

You will have the confidence to act decisively and stay focused on the right properties that will align with your vision.
Timeframe 2 weeks.
Phase 2-4 : The Playbook - How to Find Your First Property and if required, Raise Capital.
In Stage Two - Four we take The Plan you created and apply it to finding the right deals.

You will understand what I call "The Game of Commercial Real Estate".
What will you have when you're done?
On completion of Stage Two you will have:
A) Mastered what I call my SafeLine to Investing in CRE.
B) 7-Figure Capital Raising Framework- how to raise money to break into commercial real estate.


A) SafeLine to Investing: You'll be a strategic investor with confidence in:

- Understand Market Timing - you will know how to evaluate where your specific market is based on market trends. CRE moves in cycles and it's important to understand where you are so you apply the right strategy to your market.

- You will know how to Find and Underwrite deals. Using my worksheets and proprietary spreadsheets to complete financial analysis on commercial properties (in 5 minutes)- including my personal excel files to underwrite deals.

- My 10 Step Checklist to investing in commercial properties.

- Access to my Worksheets to find the right properties in the right locations (and which properties to stay away from)

- Scripts and training on how to find Off Market Deals.

- My 30 Page Due Diligence checklist compiled from working with some of the biggest commercial developers and brokers in the US and Canada.

- My 2 Page Negotiation Checklist - so you can speak the language of Commercial real estate. There is sample role playing and each month, there is an opportunity for live role plays.

- You will have a Playbook for adding value and finding the team to help you execute.

- Clear on your Exit Strategy. I train you to figure out upfront, who your buyer is when you decide to sell. This is critical- because you want to fix and position the property so it's suited for the right buyer.


B) 7 Figure Pitch Deck to Start Raising Capital

- Provide you the same tools I use to raise capital. The exact PowerPoint Presentation I used for my last 3 Pitch Decks, each raising $2.1M, $2.7M and $6.5M).

- Sample GP/LP agreement- **You still require a lawyer and accountant- but you'll have access to the same capital raising agreements to use as templates. I've paid as much as 15k for a LP/GP agreement. So, you can streamline the process.

- How to structure your pitch and present to investors

- My Four Part Framework to build your Dream 25 investors.

- Who to target, what to say, how to approach them and how to continue to communicate.

- How to market and position yourself as a credible and trusted authority worth investing in. Building trust starts early.

- Access to my 30 Day Capital Raising Plan. When I start talking to partners. What I send. Where I meet. It's the same framework and step by step model to use. From finding to raising money to executing.

- Refine your presentation and how you communicate your deals to investors. So you have confidence and your investors feel privileged to be part of it (without using old sales tactics).


Why that's important: it is critical you understand the foundational rules of the game to properly prepare yourself to strategically interact with the player: Commercial Brokers, lenders, lawyers, and property managers.

Even if you plan to invest passively in CRE, understanding how investors structure their deals is important. You want to have clarity on the potential deal structures so you understand the risks upfront.

Most investors new to commercial real estate, find out quickly there's a big difference between CRE and residential.

When you understand the rules of the game, how to interact with the players and analyze properties- you'll be more in control of the deal.

Actively managing risk vs. reacting to those only too eager to take advantage of uninformed, neophyte investors.
Investing in CRE and Raising Money comes down to confidence.

Confidence comes from Competence.

The more competent an investor you are (understanding the rules of the game), the faster you can raise money from investors.


Finish Line: You are ready to make offers on your first Commercial Property, one that fits your Investment Plan


Prize: You have confidence on what to look for as you begin touring deals. You will have your first mock investor presentation (Pitch Deck) to show prospective investors.

Timeframe: approximately 6- 8 weeks

Phase 5: Becoming a Player - Getting in the Game
What will you have when you're done?
On completion of Stage Five you're ready to make offers or invest with others who have deals that match your investing criteria.
You will have a 30 Day Action Plan to get into the game of CRE.

You have a proven step by step Commercial Real Estate Investing plan.
Why that's important: You understand the process. What you'll quickly discover is that there are too many 'hats' to wear investing in commercial real estate. It's not your job to be an expert at all of them.

It is your job to manage and oversee the team you put in place. This is how the most successful investors buy properties.
They find the right people to help them and then drive the deal forward.
Because no two deals are the same, you will have the skillset to evaluate properties using the BOE (back of the envelope) in 5 minutes.
Finish Line: You are touring properties and ready to make offers. Or, you're meeting with prospective CRE investors who deal flow and evaluating who you want to invest your money with.
Prize: Investing and Raising Capital.
Timeframe: Ongoing - never stop learning and improving.
How Much Is the Coaching Program?
Private Clients have paid as much as 6 figures for me to find them properties.  A significant investment where I could really only work with a few at any one time.
The results: some clients earned 7 and 8 figures on a single property (NOT TYPICAL AND NOT AN INCOME CLAIM). 
The 1-1 model worked - but it limited the number of people I could help.  And, today, I just don't have capacity, as I have 4 active projects/developments and 2 more in works.  
I asked several clients who purchased their first property: what do you really need from me to help you close and raise money?  
How can I help others and ensure they get results.
Their Questions and my Answers:
1. Shane, I need to understand the game (so I don't make a mistake). 
A. Perfect.  You can DIY or have a Done with You Option.
The DIY is an 8 Week, step-by-step training of How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate Intensive. (Recorded in the members area with templates, checklists and spreadsheets I use today).  $1,500 One time fee.
The Done with You is a Monthly Coaching Program.  The investment is $1,500 to join and $1,000/month to stay in.  You can cancel at any time (with 30 days notice).
2. Shane, when I have a live deal, I'd like to get your eyes on it. Are my assumptions ok? Am I missing anything?
A. There are 2 options for this. 
The first is you can set up a 1-1 call with me at my prevailing $950/hour rate (when available)
The second and more affordable route is to join the small Commercial Real Estate Club Syndicate Coaching Program.  You bring your deals to live calls and we go deep on your property (details below).
3. Who can I work with and trust?
A. For clients in the Club Syndicate, who have gone through the 8 Week Intensive Training, I can make certain introductions to my network. 
I do NOT make introductions unless you understand the game and are in the Syndicate- protecting my credibility is key to the ongoing success.
4. I don't have time to find deals- can I access other people's deals or yours?
A. Yes - The Club Syndicate Network allows you to interact with other investors.  I don't personally vet every deal or partnerships, so this is something you take responsibly for.  But, I give you the tools to evaluate people and deals so you can avoid the most common mistakes.
Do You Have Options for Your Coaching?
Yes.  There are 2 options and they come down to how much access (time) you want from me? 
My time is finite (like yours), so the more access, the larger the investment. 
Choose Your Plan Below:
Private Coaching (email access) With Shane Melanson, Value $10,000
Private Weekly Intensive Group Call with Shane Melanson. Value $9,800
Monthly Group "Ask Me Anything" Call (including 65+ previous recordings). Value $5,800
Instant Access to the 8 Week Club Syndicate™ Training Course (with Excel Spreadsheets, Pitch Decks, Due Diligence, Negotiation Templates, LOI's).  Value $2,000
BONUS 1. Access to 60+ LIVE Monthly Training Calls (recorded) Value $2,400
BONUS 2. Deal Flow & Partnership Opportunities
BONUS 3. Behind the Scene Access to Deals Shane and his partners are doing.  
BONUS 4. Investor Calculators (my proprietary spreadsheets) and checklists. Value $1,500
Total Value $30,000+
If spots are available: One time Payment of $1,500 and $1,000/month (CAD).  (No Long Term Contracts)

 8 Week Online Program
Total Value $5,900
Acess the 8 Week Training for a One Payment of $1,500 (CAD)

*I limit the number of Weekly Coaching Members.   
Currently we are accepting 2 new Coaching Clients. To join, please schedule a 10 minute call below.
This is Not Theory - Examples of Recent Projects
Retail Development | Phase 1 & 2 Completed ($35,000/month+) 
Land Lease Community 
Purchased for $8,500,000 and Sold 3.5 Years Later for $17,000,000
3 Industrial Warehouses I Completed in 2019 - 33% Return in 16 Months to Investors
What Do They Say About Club Syndicate™ Coaching
Carleen Su
Residential Investor - Scaling into Multifamily and Development
Dan and June
Physician and FRather of 3
Tim Murphy
Phsysian - First Commercial Property
Anthony Wttewaall
Real Estate Investor
These 5 Variables Will Determine Your Strategy:
  • How Much Time You Have
  • How much Capital You Have
  • How Much Experience You Have
  • What Is Your Risk Tolerance
  • Who You Know and Who Knows You (Relationships
This is for people who are committed to replacing their income in commercial real estate. 
What's the Next Step?
If you are:
A) An investor with a minimum $100,000 (in many cases you have access to $250,000 in capital)
B) You are serious about investing in commercial or multifamily real estate
C) You have invested in real estate in the past and want to scale up looking for help to raise capital


Choose Your Plan Below:
Private Coaching Thread (email access) With Shane Melanson, Value $10,000
Private Weekly Intensive Group Call with Shane Melanson. Value $9,800
Monthly Group "Ask Me Anything" Call (including 65+ previous recordings). Value $5,800
Instant Access to the 8 Week Club Syndicate™ Training Course (with Excel Spreadsheets, Pitch Decks, Due Diligence, Negotiation Templates, LOI's).  Value $2,000
BONUS 1. Access to 60+ LIVE Monthly Training Calls (recorded) Value $2,400
BONUS 2. Deal Flow & Partnership Opportunities
BONUS 3. Behind the Scene Access to Deals Shane and his partners are doing.  
BONUS 4. Investor Calculators (my proprietary spreadsheets) and checklists. Value $1,500
Weekly Coaching*
Total Value $30,000+
If Spots are available: Schedule a call. Investment One time Payment of $1,500 and $1,000/month (CAD).  (No Long Term Contracts)

 8 Week Online Program
Total Value $5,900
Acess the 8 Week Training for a One Payment of $1,500 (CAD)

*I limit the number of Weekly Coaching Members.   
Currently we are accepting a few new Weekly Coaching Clients. To join, please schedule a 10 minute call below.
Outcomes of The Club Syndicate™ Program:
  • EDUCATION: How to invest in the right commercial properties in the next 90 -120 days without taking on wild risk or falling for the get rich quick schemes.
  • The exact 3-Step process we've used to help clients buy their first commercial property within a few months of working with me.
  • MINDSET: How to overcome the biggest fears that hold investors back.  Making mistakes, overwhelm, who to trust, what questions to ask, what is the first step? 
  • How to Raise Capital using the Club Syndication Framework.  Lack of capital is what typically holds real estate investors back from getting into larger commercial deals. You'll get the same framework and systems I use to raise millions for my deals.
  • SKILLS: Proven step-by-step training on how to find the right properties in the right location at the right time in the market.
  • TOOLS: systems, templates that have taken me 15 years to refine (and what many of the biggest commercial real estate investors have in their business). So you can conduct due diligence, negotiate properties, conduct financial analysis in minutes.
  • ROADMAP: so you always know the best way to move forward on the right properties.
  • ** COMMUNITIY: If you decide to join the coaching program you will become part of the small group of commercial real estate investors on the same journey as you.  With the goal of supporting and helping you invest in your first (or next) commercial property.
Got a question?
Our No Questions Asked 100% 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Your investment is protected by my Full and Unconditional 30 Day guarantee. Here's how it works:

When you purchase the 8 Week Commercial Real Estate Training Program, you can join with confidence because you'll always be covered by our money back guarantee.  In the unlikely event we can't help you start investing in commercial real estate or you change you mind in the first 30 days, we'll refund your initial investment with us - no question asked.
To date, no one has taken us up on this - but it's there in the event you decide CRE investing isn't for you.
Frequently Answered Questions
Question #1. What is Club Syndication?
A term I coined having raised capital from a small group of accredited investors who pool their money to invest in commercial real estate (CRE).

The Club Syndication Model is a unique strategy specifically designed to to invest in value-add commercial real estate.

Focused on finding just 1 or 2 well located commercial or multifamily properties that have, "The Right Things Wrong".

End Goal: fix the problems (vacancy, low rents, poor management, to name a few), increase the income (increasing the value) -> refinance or sell and continue to scale.

Question #2. Who is Shane?
I'm Shane Melanson, the founder of The Investing Advantage (podcast), and Melanson Real Estate (my development and real estate brokerage).

I started like many investors, fixing and flipping houses back in 2004. Have been in the world of commercial real estate now for 14 years, lending money (on a team where we leant more than $500B), a commercial real estate agent, developer, and now, coach.

I'm also a father of 3, married and live in Calgary AB, where I mountain bike and golf in the summer and snowboard and play hockey in the winter.
Question #3. Why Do You Coach?
First- because I saw a major gap in the world of commercial real estate investing. There were some people in the 'know' who got the best deals and were doing very well investing.

Then, I would see the new-comer (doctor, engineer, business owner, residential real estate investor) and they would get crushed (in many cases). They didn't have any context for what I call "The Game". So, they would overpay, buy the wrong property.

Essentially- they were "The Bigger Fool".

As someone who has lost money investing with the wrong people (when I was 19 and then again at 27) and watched my parents remortgage their home for an investment that went under- educating and helping others avoid these common mistakes is something I'm obsessed with.

You can tune in and listen to any of the 112+ podcast episodes or watch my YouTube channel to see that 98% of what I put out is free-content. Meant to help and hopefully protect investors from making avoidable mistakes.

Last- I am in the business of investing. And, one of the interesting side benefits of all the information I share, is I attract quality people into my world. I've actually partnered with a few of my coaching clients. Sometimes, it's just being able to tap into my growing network and ask questions:

- is this a good deal?

- what are the tenants doing in this area?

-would you invest in it?

Question #4. How do I know if Commercial Real Estate is for me?
Investing in Commercial Properties is not right for everyone. In my experience it is well suited for people with the following qualities:

Have invested in real estate in the past (have a basic understanding of the process of buying and selling properties)

Have money to invest - I would say $100,000 is a minimum (most clients I work with have $250,000+). Can you invest with less? Yes. But, unlike residential where wholesalers will tie up a property with $1,000 and flip the contract, in CRE, investors are more sophisticated. If you're great at finding properties, you're better off to partner with a seasoned investor and get a small piece of the pie or a finder's fee.

Long Term Thinking- in most cases, commercial properties take a few years to fix and really turn around. Taking the same fix and flip mentality from the SFR (single family rental) market is dangerous. Deals take longer. But, they can also pay 6 and in most deals I look at 7+ figures - on 1 property.

Want control and take responsibility. Investing in CRE there are moving parts and if you plan to be an active investor, you want to be the person calling the shots. If you'd rather be a passive investor- it's still a good idea to have a foundational understanding of investing in commercial properties.
Question #5. How is this different than the other 'Real Estate Training' courses and gurus?
Here's what I have found most interesting and will share with you.

My mentors (father in law and some of my partners) are not training or coaching investors on how to invest in 7 and 8 figure commercial properties. They are too busy and doing deals to teach.

For 14 years, I focused on doing deals (I still do- as of this writing, have multiple 8 figure deals I'm working on).

I would see many of the guru's selling 'how to' advice and for the most part I was not impressed.

I wanted to help investors sincere in scaling their investments do it the right way.

Question #6. So, how is my training different?
1. I am an active investor today (no theory)
2. I have experience as a developer, broker, lender and syndicator (raising more than $25M for my deals)
3. I have experience in Multifamily, retail, industrial, mobile homes, 2nd mortgages, portfolio purchases, medical and land development.
4. I'm based in Calgary and focus on helping Canadian investors.
5. As a Canadian investor, I have invested in the US and helping clients who want to invest south of the boarder navigate this.
6. My coaching/consulting is focused on getting results. I take my clients through a very clear 5 Step Investing Framework to go from having not raised capital to raising your first 7 figures. Sometimes in as little as 3 months.
7. When you work with me- you get access to me. I've answered emails with clients (who are in the Intensive) at my daughters soccer games before, because it was a critical time for my investor. It's not something I advertise- but, when my clients need help- I'm there. When you give a sh*& about your clients, and love doing what you do- its all part of the protector role.
Question #7. How do I know this will work?
First, there are no guarantees investing in CRE will generate high returns. Even the best CRE investors make mistakes. Butt, having someone with 15 years experience guide you, access to resources required to invest in CRE (where I invest multiple 5-figures/year) and give you access to greatly reduces the chances of making a mistake.
I've helped investors transact more than $260,000,000 in properties.
As you know, real estate moves in cycles and there are times when its best to sit on the sidelines. I gauge my clients success not on how many deals they do- but on how fast they get to financial independence. And, that is done by buying the right properties, at the right time in the right location.
(Today, with what is going on in the world- real estate is starting to go on sale. It's time to prepare to capitalize when the market pulls back like it is).
You can join for 30 days and can see what's it like to work with me.  If you decide it's not for you - let me know and I'll cancel.  If you join at the $199/level, you'll have access to what others paid $5,800+ for.  
Question #8. How much would I have pay to work with you?
For qualified clients, (below) there are several options.  To start, you can watch more than 100 videos on YouTube or listen to the 150 episodes on my podcast.
If you're looking for a clear Roadmap to investing, the best place to start is the 8 Week Training Program - $1,500.  If you don't like it or find value, let me know in the first 30 days, and I'll refund you.
The Club Syndicate Coaching Program is reserved for a small group of active and passive investors.  Pricing is above.  
 (As a side note, similar programs cost $20,000 - 60,000/year to belong to).
Why is the Investment Lower (relatively Speaking)?
One of my primary goals is to develop quality, long term relationships with likeminded investors.
Your Network = Net Worth (tip of the hat to Tim Ferris).
The most successful commercial developers and investors have tremendous networks. They have deal flow and capital to invest.
I want everyone I work with to get to the point where they are contributing back into to the community we're building. Where we can support and help each other grow. It's not a zero sum game (if Jon get's a deal- that's 1 less property for me).
When you learn the Game of investing in CRE like I teach- you'll see how valuable it is to have multiple eyes on a deal. This is how you protect yourself against making expensive mistakes.
ENDNOTE: some clients end up as partners.  I currently have two 7 figure deals and one 8 figure deal as a result of coaching. 
Aurelien Bonin
Real Estate Investor - Scaling into Commercial
Allan Swanson
Business Owner
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