The Complete Guide to Investing in Commercial Real Estate
The 8 Week curriculum combines modern real estate investing frameworks, market analysis, and a community of peers to help and support you on your financial goals.

In this course you are going to learn how to find commercial properties, raise money from investors and complete your first commercial acquisition. 

What you're going to learn are practical strategies for investing in retail, industrial or multifamily properties, which applied correctly, have closed hundreds of millions in commercial properties. 

You will see actual case studies from students who have closed their first commercial properties.  A doctor who bought his first $4.8M retail property that now pays him more than $25k/month.  A general contractor who raised more than $1M to do his first 58 unit value add multifamily property.  A retired engineer who closed on his first industrial property.  Before the course and working with me- these investors had only ever invested in residential properties. 

 The opportunity to invest in commercial real estate is cyclical.  Between 2017-2022, when I started helping investors, it was more challenging to find deals.  There was more money chasing few opportunities.  Today, in 2023, with the uncertainty in the market, the pendulum has swung back to a 'Buyers Market'.  Making an opportune time for informed investors to enter the world of commercial real estate.

In this course you are going to get the toolkit and resources with the exact hands-on expertise you need to be able to talk to sellers/brokers, lenders, potential investors, so you can not only find properties- but close on them.  

 Learn how to design a simple real estate investing plan to replace your earned income. 

In short, this course will show you how to leverage the investment frameworks the wealthy use to create passive cash flow investing in commercial properties. 

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The Complete Guide to Investing in Commercial Real Estate

 The Complete Commercial Real Estate Investing System is an 8 week course designed specifically for Canadian real estate investors and  developers who want to find larger commercial properties and raise the capital to fund them.

$1,500 CAD