Who is your ideal client?
My idea client is a real estate investor with some experience (typically in residential or smaller commercial properties).  You would have some capital ($250,000 min) and a good reputation to be able to raise capital from others (if you need to bring in outside capital).  Most of my clients are looking to make the step into 'full time' investing.  
How many clients do you work with?
I keep my advising business small.  I typically work with 1-2 clients at one time.  Because of this, I require a discovery call before we start working together.  The purpose of the call is to assess if we are a good fit - it's not to sell you on my advising services. 
How long does an advising engagement last?
Most engagements last 6-12 months, but that is not a requirement.  My minimum commitment is three months together.  I work with people I believe are will be a good fit long term.  My goal is help you invest in the right properties, while avoiding the many pitfalls new investors have the potential of making.  
Do you have an advising system?
I do have a process for investing - however, it is based more on principles not a system.  These are best practices I have learned working for some of the largest investors/developers in Canada and the US.  My goal is to understand your objective, collect as much context as possible and then help you design a plan to achieve that.
How do we start the relationship?
After the discovery session, and if we both agree there is a fit, I simply require the first months payment before we start.  Once the payment is sent, I'll send you a document to fill out prior to our Kickoff call so we can hit the ground running.  
What are the options to work with you?
I currently offer 2 options to work with me:
- Weekly calls (45 mins) - $6,000/month.  - Bi-weekly 45 min calls, $3,500/month. 
Calls are scheduled M-F.  You will also have email access M-F* (details on the call).  
Reserve a time to talk with me:
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