Commercial Real Estate Consulting

I own both commercial and multifamily properties in Canada.  Our portfolio is constantly evolving as we develop, buy and sell.  As of this writing, I have 3 retail developments, an inner city 10 Unit townhouse project and a new greenfield townhouse development (63 units) - approximate cost of $35.7M. I share this with you so you know, I'm in the game today, doing deals.
Since 2007, I have raised more than $30M in capital. Invested in Multifamily, Retail, Industrial and Mobile Home Parks (including an 1,153 acre development in Muskoka).
There are 2 options for the consulting package.
Options 1.  A 1 hour call on your deal.  We jump on a call and dive into what every question you have as it relates to your deal. 
Investment: $1,000 USD.
Option 2.  The 1 hour call (same as Option 1) + access to the playbook I use to find, finance and execute on commercial properties with a focus on: Industrial, Retail and Multifamily.  This training I have charged $1,500 alone for in the past.
I'm an open book.  I'll show you how I structure my deals.  What I send to investors to raise money.  Where and I how secure debt.
Investment - $1,500 USD
Included in Option 2, you will receive the following documents by email from me:
  • My financial models that I use to underwrite both Multifamily and Commercial Properties (they are separate spreadsheets - and you will receive both).
  • The checklist of what you will need to request when investing in Multifamily / Commercial properties in order to properly evaluate an investment
  • My Due Diligence list that I use once you are under contract.
  • My LOI template that I use to make offers.
  • The list of tools, resources and software I use to manage my properties.
  • My Pitch Deck that I use to raise capital (something I learned while being mentored by Oren Klaff - Pitch Anything).
  • My 2 Page Negotiation Checklist.
  • Training Videos where I walk you through deals, raising money and underwriting deals in depth.
How The Call Works:
Prior to our call you fill out a simple 1 Page Investment Summary so that we can maximize the time we have together.
You will have 1 hour on a Zoom Call with me where we go over your deal.  We can review whatever questions you have.  We'll look at the assumptions you're using. Estimate costs for leasing up, Cap X, project revenue and figure out what the property is worth today and in the future.  
You can ask me any questions during our call and walk away with a clear game plan.
Some clients realize the property they brought to the call is actually a poor investment or is priced to high - and walk away.  It's better to find out before you spend $15k-$30k on due diligence, and invest 2 months of your time and everyone else involved (brokers, lawyers, 3rd party consultants) to come to the same conclusion. 
My goal is to help you analyze a property quickly and find hidden opportunities. 
I have no agenda other than helping you evaluate the property.
One hour is included in the package.  Additional time is available  if necessary at $500 per 1/2 hour.
To book in for a consulting call - email me at [email protected] or click link below.  I limit the number of openings per month to 4.
In the subject line put: 1 Hour Consulting.
Purchasing commercial real estate can be risky and it's critical you do the research before the call.  
Reach out to me for more details:
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