Invest in Commercial Real Estate with Certainty
... Even if you're just getting started
I help professionals, business owners and real estate investors scale into commercial properties.  Where it's possible to replace a 6-Figure Income with one value-add commercial property.
Chose the best option for you below:
Club Syndicate Mastermind
The Club Syndicate Mastermind™ is a group of 25 real estate investors who want the skills and support to scale into commercial properties. 
Ideal for Active and Passive Investors who want ongoing support.
1 - 1 Consulting
1-1 Consulting is a 1 hour call to discuss a property you're currently working on.  You get access to my CRE Playbook, training and walkthrough on how I would underwrite the property.  Ideal for Active Investors with a live deal and want to discuss with Shane and access my Playbook for how I close deals.